Home Learning and 'Show My Homework'

We recognise the value of home learning in encouraging independent learning skills from students, and in strengthening and reinforcing class learning. The amount and focus of home learning activities will change as each student progresses through the school.

At Holloway School, home learning is used as a tool to raise academic achievement so that all students are supported to make expected and beyond expected progress. The tasks set within the individual subjects will promote independent learning skills and enhance students’ study skills e.g. planning, time- management. 

The ‘take-away’ style of home learning is aimed at giving students choice in their learning, tailoring it to their interests and needs, as well as then engaging our students in independent learning.

Teachers will ensure that home learning tasks are appropriate to the learning needs of each student and tasks should be adjusted as necessary.

Attached are some examples of what your child will receive to enable to them to complete quality home learning, enhancing their independent learning skills.

Show My Homework is our online platform for setting home learning and you can find out more about it using the following weblinks:

https://www.teamsatchel.com/about/about.html  https://www.teamsatchel.com/user/student_parent.html

Examples of what documents your child will receive