Careers and College Information

At Holloway school we offer independent and impartial careers education, to support the aspirations of all our students from year 7 - 11 through guided support about the current and future choices available for our students.

Our Careers Lead is Razziya Siddique, she is responsible for providing current information advice and guidance at Holloway school, parents and carers are welcome to contact her.

Telephone 020 7689 1500


Training Providers and institutions can contact Ms Siddique to arrange any presentations or  involvement with Holloway School.

Holloway are currently using a software tool called Uniforg. Unifrog will enable your child to gain access to current and relevant information on colleges, universities, careers and qualifications. With the use of Unifrog, students can develop a portfolio and receive tailored advice on where to go next. With support from staff and online tools, through work related learning, students receive the accurate skills for the future and develop their knowledge on career choices, through CV writing and job and college applications.

Details of our careers programme for students and parents can be found here please click on the link below:

Careers programme

All Year 11 students have a designated adult to help support them write their personal statement, to support their college application / future destination. Much of the support is received sfrom staff at the school but students also receive more specialist advice and support from a range of people including colleagues at the Bank of Tokyo, Future First Alumni specialists and staff at Islington Borough Council.

City and Islington college is always a top destination for our many of our students and we continue to build on the very close links we have with the institution. We encourage all students to apply to 2 or 3 institution’s as not all applications are successful for a variety of reasons.

Students will have the opportunity to meet representatives from colleges and 6th forms at assemblies and other events but it is crucial that they do some research about where they would like to study themselves to find what courses are on offer, and how to get onto the courses that set them on the right path for their future careers.


  • Please sit down with your child to discuss the progress they have made on college applications.
  • Check they have booked a place/visited colleges on Open Days (Nov/Dec – some more in spring) and applied to at least 2/3 colleges by the end of December.
  • Help them prepare for their interviews in spring.

Any student who does not have an offer of a college place by the end of the spring term should seek support from the schools Careers advisor.

Holloway School will support students with getting onto the right pathway for when they leave here, however it is the responsibility of the student, with the support of their family to ensure they have a college place in September 2019.

The general timeline/process when applying to college

Autumn Term

  • Decide on area of study/college course (e.g. BTEC in Business Level 2 /3 x A levels).
  • Book a place on college Open Days (at least 3) where they are thinking of attending for the next 2 years
  • Attend College Open Days (with/without parent)
  • At Open Days, ask the college students/staff about the course, what work they could go on to when they finish etc
  • Decide on the colleges they like
  • Apply to these colleges (it is a good idea to put a second choice of course on each application - just in case actual results are lower than you expected).

Spring Term

  • Student then gets a letter of invitation/message asking them to attend an interview
  • Student must show the school the invitation in order to attend the interview
  • Student receives an offer of a place (or several offers) on that course for September  2018

Summer Term

  • May/June - Students takes their GCSE exams
  • August – Students receive their results
  • August – College sends students a letter(s) with enrolment instructions for September.


If your child is interested in an apprenticeship, there will be information from specialist advisors later in the term about these. The actual apprenticeship openings/time to apply for these is generally from Easter onwards.

However, there are 2 important points to remember here;

1 - Every student should still apply to college as apprenticeships are very competitive

2 – If the student is certain that they would prefer an apprenticeship, they should begin researching/register on the national website now;

This site will tell them about how apprenticeships work, pay, conditions, types of apprenticeships etc. 

There is also a ‘live’ apprenticeships area they can look at to see what is currently on offer.

College Open day events - Top 10 applied to

College Open day events - All other Colleges