Out of Hours

Students can participate in a wide range of study support and learning opportunities. These take place at after school and during some holidays. We work with other partners and providers to offer not only sports activities but a variety of after school clubs. Many of the clubs are run by staff in the school. Students can also attend The Zone Youth Project in Carleton Road (back of the school) which offers numerous activities, trips and training opportunities.

Some faculties run their own homework clubs after school as well as organising trips to the theatre, museums and other places of interest both here and abroad to support and enrich the curriculum.

Students who play for the school in numerous sports teams often get the chance to represent the school in competitions and tournaments. Students who are keen to develop their musical or performance skills have an opportunity to have individual music lessons as well as perform on special events, assemblies and borough music competitions. The school has an accomplished and award winning band which students can also join.

Revision classes for KS3 and KS4 are organised after school and during school holidays to support students as they prepare for national examinations. These classes have really helped to keep students focused and on track.

The school library is open for use before school, at lunchtimes and after school, giving students a chance to complete homework, coursework, research or provide a space for quiet reading. Students can buy stationery in the library and participate in many of the activities on offer. The librarian co-ordinates national campaigns such as National Poetry and Book Day.