Conference Day 14th March 2019 - only invited students should attend.

As you will be aware this is an exciting time at Holloway School. Following the launch of Islington Futures Federation in September 2018, Holloway School is to become Beacon High School.

To celebrate this on March 14th, 9am-3pm, we will be hosting a conference around the theme ‘Change’. We will have high profile keynote speakers delivering talks on what change has meant for them, as well as a series of workshops for students to learn how to shape change in society. On this day, as a school community, we will set our vision for the future.

Be aware the school will not be open for normal business on March 14th. The conference will involve staff, members of the community and students who successfully apply to take part. Application forms are available in school for your child to apply to participate. If your child is not taking part in the conference day they will be expected to work at home. All teachers will set work for the classes that they would normally teach using Show My Homework. This must be submitted online or in class by their next lesson.

I appreciate your support with this day and look forward to working in partnership with you in shaping the future of Beacon High School.