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Holloway School in the media

25th January 2019.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many of you would have seen today some comments about Holloway School in the media. These comments relate to the GCSE results from the summer of 2018. They were of course disappointing; they are based on the outcomes of one cohort of 150 students. Those young people have now left the school and their qualifications have enabled 98% of them to move onto Education, Employment and Training. This statistic is not recorded by the media.

That is the past. We are now looking to the future under new leadership, as part of the Islington Futures Federation of Schools; with a new Headteacher; a new Executive Headteacher; and a new Governing Body. Please be assured that under the new leadership we are working to transform the school. Predictions for this summer are looking much stronger.

Yours sincerely


Mr Alan Streeter


Written by Mr A Streeter