House System

Last year saw the introduction of our revised House System. The House System divides all students and staff into four separate houses; Belle, Irvin, Kingsley and Turing.

The vertical tutor groups are directly linked to the House System.

The House System means that more leadership responsibilities are available to students.

House points are linked to achievement points and these can be gained for many activities across the school, increasing healthy competition between houses.

All of the houses are supporting and raising money for the charity"Mind" this year..

Belle House - Communication (English, Humanities)

Dido Elizabeth Belle : 1761-1804

Born into slavery in the West Indies. Her father took Belle with him when he returned to England and left her in the care of her Uncle, the Earl of Mansfield who lived at Kenwood House.

Belle lived at Kenwood for 30 year, in these years her great-uncle, in his job as Lord Chief Justice, ruled in two significant slavery cases, finding in 1772 that slavery had no precedent in common law in England, and had never been authorized under positive law.

This was taken as the formal end of slavery in Britain. It was suggested that Mansfield's personal experience with rearing Dido Belle influenced his decision.

Irvin House - Creativity and Activity (Art, Performing Arts, PE and SEN)

Albert Irvin : 1922-2015

British artist, best known for his exuberant paintings, watercolours, screen-prints and gouaches.

He went to Holloway School and donated one of his paintings to the school – it is outside the drama studio in the art/drama corridor!

Throughout the 1950s Irvin began to develop his unique style in his painting. Irvin’s reputation began to grow in the art world as his paintings grew in merit, maturity of style, and value.

He was invited to display his work at more and more exhibitions in both Britain and abroad.

He recently died in March 2015 at the age of 90 years.

Kingsley House - Enterprise and Culture (MfL, DT, EAL and ICT/Business)

Mary Kingsley : 1862-1900

The Victorian explorer Mary Kingsley was born in Islington at 30 Tavistock Terrace.  

Kingsley travelled alone to Africa in the 1890s to document the continent’s societies and wildlife.

Exploration and adventure were not seen as fitting roles for women in the Victorian era. African women were surprised that a woman of Mary's age was travelling without a man, as she was frequently asked why her husband was not accompanying her.

Turing House - Natural Sciences (Maths and Science)

Alan Turing : 1912 –1954

Born in North London, Turing broke the German Enigma Code during the Second World War.

It is estimated that his bombe device shortened the war in Europe by two to four years.

The Academy Award winning 2014 film The Imitation Game is primarily based on Alan Turing’s work at Bletchley Park.