Student Voice

Along with their individual responsibilities, the Assistant House Leaders represent the voice of our students. The Assistant House Leaders with responsibility for Teaching & Learning for example will observe lessons from a student perspective and think about initiatives to improve teaching and learning. They will interview new members of staff and give feedback to the head. They will organise and plan meetings with fellow commissioners to discuss learning and teaching. The Assistant House Leaders with responsibility for Behaviour & Attendance for example will listen to other students’ thoughts and ideas on improving behaviour and attendance and work alongside the Pastoral Managers and Attendance Team to further develop good practice and policy.

Linked with the House System, Senior Students are Year 11 students chosen because of their outstanding attitude, past contributions or potential to improve Holloway School. Senior students undertake duties around the school, including the recording of student lateness and the supervision of playground and corridors. They also represent the school at public functions, lead restorative justice sessions and train other students of the student voice.

For students in the school who don’t feel confident enough to speak to a member of staff, Assistant House Leader or Senior Student about an issue they have, there are a number of Student Voice boxes around the school where students can leave a note, either with their name or anonymously, about anything they feel could be changed or improved.