Leadership Team and Staff - Holloway School

Leadership Team and Staff

The following staff are members of the Senior Leadership Team:

  • Alan Streeter (Headteacher)
  • Jo Dibb (Executive Headteacher)

Martin Hodgson (Deputy Headteacher)

•Achievement Year 9

•Key Stage 3 and 4 Personal development, Behaviour and welfare

Performance Management

•Lead: Design Tech, ADoLs (Pastoral)

Fiona Deegan (Deputy Headteacher)

•Key Stage 3 and 4 Progress and Standards

•Curriculum, Assessment

•Pupil Premium

•PiXL RSL and Academic Mentoring strategy

•Lead: Maths, Data manager, DoLs

Russell Hanna (School Business Manager)


•Human Resources

•Premises and site users

•Health and Safety

•Website and Learning Platform

•Lead: Admin, ICT, Premises and Catering

Bill Starkey (Assistant Headteacher)

•Achievement Year 8

•Attendance and HLO’s




•Lead: Business Studies,, ICT and Computing, Exams Officer

Andrea MacDonald (Assistant Headteacher)

•Achievement SEND/ EAL


•Safeguarding and Child Protection


•SEMH (Inclusion, Wellbeing, IMHARS, Ethos)

•Mentoring (Pastoral)

Lead: SENCo/Assistant SENCo, Teaching Assistants and EAL

Venkat Nallamilli (Assistant Headteacher)

•Achievement Year 11

•High Attainers

•Extra-curricular/Out of Hours Learning


•Lead: Science, Art/PE

Emma Good (Assistant Headteacher)

•Achievement Year 10

•Teaching, Learning and Assessment

•CPD including Leadership development and Coaching


•Lead: Dir. Of T, L and Ass., Performing Arts, MFL

Laura Scott (Assistant Headteacher)

•Achievement Year 7 (Inc. Year 7 Catch-up)



• Learning Guidance, PiXL Edge and assemblies

•Parental curriculum and engagement

•Lead: Humanities


Heads of Year/ Directors of Learning

  • Sonali Patel (KS3 Director of Learning)
  • Alex Gordon (KS4 Director of Learning)

Heads of Faculty

  • Jillian Dolye (Head of English)
  • Michael Malone (Head of Mathematics)
  • James Hayward (Head of Science)
  • Stephen Bullough (Head of Languages)
  • Matthew Gray (Head of ICT)
  • Alex Gordon (Head of Art)
  • Greg Davies (Head of Performing Arts)
  • Ruth Howard (Head of PE)
  • Janet Hall (Head of SEN)
  • Martey Newman (Head of DT)

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