Leadership Team and Staff

The following staff are members of the Senior Leadership Team:

  • John Dixon (Headteacher)
  • Martin Hodgson (Deputy Headteacher- KS3 & 4 Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare, BfL, Mentoring)
  • Fiona Deegan (Deputy Headteacher- KS3 & 4 Progress & Standards, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum and Assessment, English Maths and Science)
  • Russell Hanna (School Business Manager)
  • Bill Starkey (Assistant Headteacher- Attendance, House System, Website, School Clubs, DT, Business Studies and ICT/ Computing, Year 8)
  • Andrea MacDonald (Assistant Headteacher- , Pastoral Support KS3, Safeguarding and Child Protection, Admissions, Year 9)
  • Sharon Kelly (Assistant Headteacher, Data & Intervention, Exams, Pupil Premium, Academic Mentoring, Numeracy, MFL, Year 11)
  • Venkat Nallamilli (Assistant Headteacher, NQTs, CPD, Pastoral Support KS4, Duties & Rotas, High Attainers, Art and PE, Year 10)
  • Emma Good (Assistant Headteacher, Teaching and Learning, Literacy across the Curriculum, MiSST, Performing Arts, SEN, EAL)
  • Laura Scott (Assistant Headteacher- KS2-3 transition, SMSC, Learning Guidance, Parental Engagement, Social Media, Humanities, Year 7)

Heads of Year/ Directors of Learning

  • Sonali Patel (KS3 Director of Learning)
  • Alex Gordon (Head of Art, KS4 Director of Learning)

Heads of Faculty

  • Sophie Cole (Head of English)
  • Michael Malone (Head of Mathematics)
  • Lulu Phillips (Head of Science)
  • Bargded Chenane (Head of Languages)
  • Habte Lee (Acting Head of ICT)
  • Angus Heath (Head of Humanities)
  • Alex Gordon (Head of Art)
  • Greg Davies (Head of Performing Arts)
  • Ruth Howard (Head of PE)
  • Janet Hall (Head of SEN)
  • Eliz Erdal (Head of DT)

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