The Governing Body is a vital part of Holloway Schools continued improvements. According to the latest OFSTED Report the ‘Governors are well informed and actively engaged in school life. They understand and take their responsibilities very seriously and challenge vigorously to make sure that the school's actions have a positive impact on students' learning and well being'.

The Governing body is made up of the following people:

Governors of Islington Community Schools Federation

Jill McLaughlin: Chair of Federal Governing Body and link governor for the Angel Teaching School Alliance

Caspar Woolley: Vice- Chair of the Federal Governing Body

David Harrison: Chair of the Federal Finance, Resources and Risk Committee

Pauline Edgar: Chair of the Federal Achievement Committee

Martin Pein: Chair of the Copenhagen Committee

Mary Berrisford: Chair of the EGA Committee

Alex Bols: Chair of the Holloway Committee

Will Garner: Chair of the Vittoria Committee

Bisi Williams: Lead Governor for Safeguarding and SEND

Florence Wilkinson: Lead Governor for Communications

Tim Lawrence

Serena Kern-Libera

Gayatari Sunkunn Nair

Angelo Weekes

Rebecca Thomson: Staff Governor

Anand Viswanathan: Staff Governor

Associate Governors

Jack Ross

Abdi Garad

Primrose Christie

David Pinto-Duschinsky

Sarah Ward-Lilley

Chantelle O’Marde

Hamdi Ahmed


Zaleera Wallace

Janet Nugent

Associate Staff Governors

Matthew Akinnayajo: Copenhagen

Katherine Lambrou: Copenhagen

Lee Evans: EGA

Shamiya Choudhury: EGA

Sarah McDonald: Holloway

Priya Soni: Holloway

Louise Simmons: Vittoria

Heather Robjant: Vittoria
All non-staff governors sit on the Discipline, Complaints, Appeal Committee which sits as and when required.

Clerk to the Governors - Mr Dipesh Panchal

Holloway School - Declarations of Interest


Governor Type

Term From

Term To

Declaration Of Interest

Relationship to   and staff member

To be updated

Staff Observers


Governor Type

Term From

Term To

Declaration Of Interest

Relationship to   and staff member

Russell Hanna




None 30/10/2017


Martin Hodgson




None 02/11/2017


Bill Starkey




None 30/10/2017


Emma Good




None 19/10/2017

Venkat Nallamilli Other     None 28/06/2017  
Andrea MacDonald Other     None 18/10/2017  
Laura Scott Other     None 18/10/2017  

Please contact the school to obtain a copy of any of the Governors minutes of the meetings.

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